A whiter and brighter smile can make you feel terrific about yourself. Zoom! is a fast and effective teeth whitening procedure that gives you long-lasting results. And, since it is done by a dental professional in our office, you can be a assured that it is both safe and effective.

Whitening services at the Mall and other outlets absolutely cannot offer advanced prescription-strength whitening services in a safe and effective way.  As licensed Dentists and experienced ZOOM! providers, we achieve effective gum and lip isolation, utilize “high-test” bleach/peroxide, and operate a UV lamp in a controlled environment to achieve multiple shade shifts in 1hr or less.  What does all of this mean to you?  Whiter teeth in less time .  See our before and afters, as we and our patients have been blown away by the results.  You will also take home custom professional whitening trays and complimentary bleach kit to touch up for years in to the future.

Some fear sensitivity following the procedure, however, this is minimized or eliminated as we track your progress throughout your chair time, and select the best time to finish with the best results.

Unlike some Groupons, we do use a FULL BOX of genuine ZOOM, and you take home custom trays and add’l bleach

Case A-Before                                       Case A-After

Case B-Before                                           Case B-After

Case C-Before                            Case C-After

Case D-Before                                                        Case D-After


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