Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a predictable, safe and effective means of replacing missing teeth or anchoring prostheses (partial plates, dentures).  you can have your implant placed in our office and have it restored with a crown as well.  Missing teeth is a common condition which has many consequences:

        Missing teeth leads to:

  •  loss of bone (underneath where the tooth was)
  • movement of adjacent teeth (above, below, adjacent/next to) in to the space
  • loss of function (impaired chewing, improper biting)
  • poor esthetics; loss of confidence in smile
  • increased biting force on remaining teeth (this leads to a host of problems for remaining teeth)

You will be comfortable and in good hands with our Periodontist right here in our office.

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Get to know our Periodontist, Dr. Darren Pike DMD.

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Complete Dental Implant Procedure

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"Periodontal Sepcialist"

Dr. Darren Pike is a highly trained and skilled Periodontist, performing all surgical aspects of implant dentistry and Periodontics.

 Ex. 1 Missing Front Tooth (lateral incisor) restored with Procelain Dental Implant Crown

                                                                                                                                cosmetic implant clinical Dental Implants

At Kocher and Kocher Dentistry, if you are deemed a good candidate for dental implants by the General Dentist, you will see our in house Periodontist, Dr. Darren Pike (see his bio in Meet the Team section Dentist Pembroke Pines).  We offer free consultations with the dental implant specialist to determine the right treatment for you.  Don’t be swayed by coercive marketing through the mail offering you cheap and simple dental implants.  Dental Implantology with Kocher and Kocher Dentist in Pembroke Pines is safe AND affordable in addition to being placed by a highly trained periodontal surgeon using advanced and effective techniques and top-of-the-line implant parts and equipment.  Our implant restorations (crowns, denture prostheses, etc.) are fabricated to your unique mouth and particular oral condition.  Implants have a very high success rate well exceeding 90%, but under the care of experienced practitioners that take in to account your unique situation.  Placing your trust in qualified professionals that care about your long term outcome means bettering your chances of success-come in to your Dentist in Davie for a consultation or just to see our office, or just to meet us and get acquainted.

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Check out this animated video on dental implant bridge (2 dental implants shown here replacing 3 missing teeth)

Ex. 2 Dental Implant and Implant Crown-Lower Molar

Dental Implant and Crown-Lower Molar

  Ex. 3 Another Lower Molar Restored To Function

Another Lower Molar Restored to Function

 Ex. 4 Implant Overdentures