Nervous Patient?

Dear Patient,

It is normal to have some degree of anxiety when going to the Dentist.  Please express to us your degree of dental anxiety and we will work with you at a pace you are comfortable with.  We are not here to pressure you or make you uncomfortable.  In fact, if you are uncomfortable we will not be satisfied and cannot properly administer treatment.  We practice a chairside demeanor that puts emphasis on explaining everything we do before we do and also practice pain-free techniques and incorporate special sedation (read about conscious sedation on our site) and medications for more extreme cases of dental phobia.  We have taken even the most fearful patients and turned them around.  In fact, we take pride in the fact that patients in our office comes from all walks of life and ALL ages, from 3 to 100!  We also treat patients with mild to serious medical problems, and mild to moderate mental ilness and handicap.  Treating such a variety has given us a special perspective on the many different types of dental patients, so though you may be unique, our experience places us in a comfortable position to treat you as you would wish to be treated.  So no matter what degree of anxiety you have, we will tailor treatment so you can achieve dental health and a beautiful smile at Kocher and Kocher Dentistry.

Also you will enjoy video screens in our dental operatories with headphones to help you escape in to the movies or jam out to your favorite tunes so your appointment will be over in no time!

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